My name is Anneli Võikar. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved making things, especially sewing. Like every little girl, I also loved to play with dolls. So I learned handicraft from my mother and grandmother. I used to collect any fabric remnants for making dolls and doll clothes. Now, as an adult, I make rag dolls and teddy bears for my children and my friends’ children.

For the past five years, puppet-making and felting has been my main professional activity. Thus I have had the opportunity to make a lot of little girls as well as adults, who wished to include a couple of my dolls in their collections, happy.

My puppets are made of natural linen and cotton based fabrics and stuffed with wool. Doll clothes are made from waste fabrics and second-hand clothes. Dolls give them a new lease of life. My principle is to make products from recycled materials. My products materials recovery for a decision in PRINCIPLE. This way, I can make my contribution to a GREENER PLANET for our children and grandchildren. The dolls are also child-friendly, because they are soft and durable. You can take clothes off the dolls and wash them. I can confidently say that my dolls have been tested by children and were 100% approved. My main inspiration is my 8-year-old daughter, who often gives me advice. Like every little girl, she likes Barbie dolls too, but the most beloved of all is still a rag doll.

My Mother’s SheepMy mother’s sheep, extremely generous producers of wool, led me to felting. Our farm is located in southern Estonia, Võru County, by a scenic lakeside Kahrila. My mom is a nimble knitter who supplies all the loved ones with wool socks, gloves and cardigan, etc.s. However, every spring when the sheep shearing time comes, she sits with great concern amid a huge pile of freshly shorn wool. She says: “Even if I had four hands, I could not knit all this into socks.”. The attic, barn, hay barn and even the shed were full of bags of wool that hung under the ceiling. Every spring, it seemed that we could not store any more wool. And one day it happened. It was my turn to sit on a pile of wool and figure out what to do with all this fortune, and suddenly an idea flashed across my mind: “Why not try felting!”

I started out with classical wet felting. After some time I began to try other techniques until I arrived in the exciting world of needle felting. All my work is handmade. Additional resources are not used.

Once again, WELCOME! I hope that you will find products to your liking from the
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