Doll Links

Doll Identification and Reference Links originally posted by Jen: This indexed list focuses on identifying dolls, not selling dolls off eBay.

1800s to 1970s dolls
Has more dolls listed than any other site:

1800s to 1950s dolls

1800s to current dolls
Wisconsin Historical Museum

1930s to 1950s dolls

1930s to 1990s dolls

1940s to 1980s doll & toy catalogs
Sears Wishbook & other catalog photos on Flickr

1950s “grocery store” or “supermarket” dolls. See also 14R dolls.

1950s to 1960s dolls (music)

1950s to 1970s action figures, dolls, and toys (includes European versions)

1950s to 1970s dolls

1950s to 1990s doll advertisements

1950s to 2000s dolls

1955 to 2006 dolls & action figures

1970s dolls

1980s to 2000s dolls and toys

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